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Experienced Land Use And Zoning Representation

Residential and commercial real estate are complicated and variances to municipal zoning laws are often required for moving forward with developing a property. Having the right attorney on your side can often make the difference when protecting your investment and interests.

At Cote Law Offices in Danvers, Massachusetts, I advise developers and individual property owners who require municipal permits. I have been working with municipal laws and regulatory boards for more than 30 years. I understand the required procedures and how to move through legal matters efficiently and cost-effectively. During our first meeting, I will review your project plans and scope and provide informed legal counsel on your likelihood for success.

I pride myself on my sharp eye for the issues that can arise, and I can often identify and resolve issues before they become problems.

Types Of Land Use Cases

I am ready to assist you in all areas of property development, planning and municipal zoning issues. My three decades of experience includes:

  • Municipal permitting for land use
  • Obtaining changes from existing land use purposes and limitations
  • Special permitting requirements
  • Overcoming environmental concerns
  • Lakes, flooding, water and wetlands conservation issues
  • Community licensing requirements
  • Other real estate-related matters

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I am here to assist with all of your land use and zoning needs. For more information or to set up a consultation at my office, contact me via email or call my office at 978-346-5564 now.