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Experienced Attorney Helping Families With Child Custody Issues

Whether as part of a divorce or between two unmarried parents, child custody is often an emotionally charged and highly contested issue. Regardless of the parents’ feelings, it is important to keep the best interests of the children in mind when making custody, parenting time and visitation arrangements.

At Cote Law Offices in Danvers, Massachusetts, I provide my clients with the guidance they need in child custody matters. With more than 30 years of experience handling all aspects of divorce and family law cases, I have a wealth of knowledge and insight into how these matters are handled. While I am compassionate toward my clients, I am zealous in pursuing a solution that suits their children and futures.

Establishing A Custody Arrangement

Even if both parents agree on a custody schedule, it is best to have an experienced lawyer assisting with the process. I can take the time to explain how legal custody and joint custody work and how any determinations may affect your life. Some general information often discussed with my clients includes:

  • Physical custody versus legal custody: It is more common now to seek joint physical custody, with children splitting their time between parents’ homes, but sole custody is warranted in certain situations. Since legal custody pertains to the decision-making abilities, it is typical that parents share this responsibility.
  • Visitation: What used to be called visitation is now often called parenting time, and it is time that is spent with the children. A parenting plan can be created with your attorney’s help that provides a workable schedule for the family.
  • Children’s best interests: Much like family court judges, I operate on the principle that the children’s best interests come first in custody cases. I am straightforward with my clients, helping them see how to minimize the impact to the children and support their well-being throughout – and after – the custody and divorce processes.

Changing A Child Custody Order

In the event that a parent’s life circumstances change greatly, such as the loss of a job or a relocation, it may be necessary to modify a court-approved custody arrangement. However, any changes must be done through the court and with the court’s approval. If you change the terms of the custody arrangement on your own, you can be held in contempt even if the other side agrees. Walking you through seeking a child custody modification, I can ensure that it will be legal and protective of your parenting time rights.

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