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Divorcing after supporting your spouse’s career? You should seek alimony

You’ve been with your spouse for many years, so when they decided that they wanted a divorce, you were surprised. You supported your husband as he pushed forward in his career, going as far as to put your own career on hold.

Now, after over two decades of supporting his education and work, he has decided not to stay with you. What should you do?

When you supported your spouse, they should give you that same support

If you’re going to have to live on your own following your divorce but don’t have the same income or support as your spouse as a result of staying home with your children or investing into your spouse’s career, then you should look into seeking alimony. Alimony can be a great help in balancing your budget following your divorce, but it can also be a way to offer the support that you expected to receive from your spouse by encouraging them to move forward in their schooling or career.

If you’ve ever sat down and thought that it wasn’t fair that they took out debt and that you lived below your means only to have them leave you when they finally earn a healthy income, you’re not alone. Thousands of people go through this same kind of situation. Fortunately, you can negotiate or go to court to seek alimony that will make up for the income that you’re missing out on. You can ask to be compensated for the money you put toward your spouse’s schooling and career. You did your part, so it’s fair to ask them to repay you for that.

How much support should you ask for?

If it’s determined that alimony is warranted, you should sit down and work out your budget. Once you do that, you will know how much you need in alimony, but that shouldn’t be all you look at. You may also want to seek support for the investment you made into your spouse’s career and discuss getting additional support. Make sure you’re living in similar conditions to those you experienced during your marriage or that you would have expected without the divorce.